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Introduction to the Pegasus Artist Gallery

Pegasus Artist Gallery offers a relaxed, open and aesthetic environment for artists from around the globe. There is no cost to the artists, who hail from every continent and country. At present, 229 artists grace the Pegasus, which results in an eclectic variety of art - in all different forms. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, mixed media, photography, woodworking, jewelry - all forms of visual art are welcome and proudly displayed within this extensive online Gallery. 

Artwork is displayed within four distinct gallery settings. 

The Promenade is our largest gallery, featuring selections from all of the artists in the Pegasus Gallery. The Sanctum is a collection of individual private galleries, displaying a generous selection from some of our fine artists. The Atrium is a circle of talented artists whose work is featured within the core of the Pegasus Gallery. Finally, The Millennium Gallery features artwork by some of our visionary artists, who present work that speaks of the promise and potential of the 21st Century.

The original Pegasus Art Gallery has been owned and operated by June Kaminski since October 1999, exchanging hands with the initial developer, Alenka Marovt. Since that time the membership of the gallery has tripled in size. This new mirror site, the Pegasus Artist Gallery is a gesture to continue the tradition of the Pegasus Gallery by affording a second venue to present the artistic beauty and talent of the members within a new interface. Like the mythical flying horse, Pegasus, these artists rise above the mundaneness of day to day life, presenting a vision of enlightened insight and an appreciation for life's nuances and complexities. 

May you enjoy your time at the Pegasus, and if you are an artist - consider joining us. We'd love to have you become a part of the Pegasus community! To join, weave your way to the Submission Page.   Enjoy the Visual Feast!

Welcome to the Pegasus Artist Gallery!


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